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Crafting digital wellness for university students.




Institutions like the University of Minnesota devote large portions of their budgets to providing world-class wellness services and resources to their students. The problem is students often aren't aware of everything that's offered and don't have the bandwidth to go digging for it.

ReachU provides a comprehensive hub for everything available on campus

 and how students can use it to improve their college experience.

Many products in the area of digital wellness advertise high average use times. While this is an important metric, ReachU believes real-world action is a more impactful outcome for students. Rather than keep them on their phones, ReachU promotes engagement on campus.

ReachU gives students the ability to set goals outside of the app to promote real-world activity through engagement with on-campus events.

Much of the insights that digital wellness providers claim to serve to university administrators are centered around basic operational metrics. Demographics, use rates, and page clicks only tell part of the story. ReachU offers robust analytics for campus administrators.

By using leading analytics techniques, ReachU can quantify student wellness outcomes to improve programming, strategy, and budget decisions.

Accessibility to information will drive student action and produce unprecedented insights for campus administrators.

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The Story

ReachU was born from a class project during undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota. The concept began as an idea for students to address mental health on campus. But after learning about the needs of campus through stakeholder interviews, we knew there was more to be done.

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